Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe (at the UNLV Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)

As you can see by the corrections below, the “foreseeable future” has arrived for the A-Cafe. If you want to know exactly what happened and why, come down and ask us about it and we’ll give you the long answer. The short explanation is that the original Occupy Las Vegas campsite was set up by Democrats trying to co-opt and redirect the Occupy movement (which also happened in numerous other cities).

Members of the Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe, along with genuine Occupiers, were instrumental in recognizing this, exposing it to other Occupy Las Vegas members, and forming a legitimate Occupy group in Las Vegas, which is organized online at

As result of all this, the A-Cafe has subsequently relocated back to our original meeting place at the UNLV Coffee Bean, located at 4550 S. Maryland Pkwy. We currently meet from 6-8pm every Saturday evenings.

As always, the Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe is recognized as an independent affinity group of OccupyLV. What this means is that people wishing to become involved in the local Occupy group can do so through the A-Cafe. However, it also means that attendees of the A-Cafe are in no way obligated to participate, agree with, or in any other way participate in the Occupy movement here or elsewhere.


The A-Cafe is currently meeting on location as part of the #OccupyLasVegas ( ) activities. Tonight (and for the foreseeable future), we will be meeting at the campsite, which is located at the overflow parking lot for the Double Down Saloon between Paradise and Swenson and directly across from the thomas and Mack Center UNLV Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. There will also be a potluck dinner and a concert as part of the Occupy Las Vegas events that you can participate in, if you wish.

If you have any trouble finding the location, call Kelly at 702-530-9123.


The Vegas Anarchist Cafe is a weekly meet-up for networking, building community, and doing some outreach for Anarchists in Las Vegas, which Southern Nevada Alliance of the Libertarian Left has been organizing together with unaffiliated local Anarchists for the past three years. The main idea is just to give Anarchists, anti-statists, and Anarchy-curious fellow travelers a place to meet up and talk in an informal setting at a local coffee-house. There isn’t a fixed business agenda; the idea is to give people a place to find each other. Once they’ve found each other, A-Cafe can serve as a springboard for the independent projects that they may want to start.

The A-Cafe is not a place, it’s an event–a social experiment in urban Anarchy. The A-Cafe is a forum for Anarchists in the Las Vegas area to get to know each other, to hear talks on subjects that interest us, to hang out, shoot the breeze, talk about the projects that we are working on, and to organize new projects. Anyone who’s an Anarchist, anti-statist, or just anarchy-curious is invited to join us.

Drop in any time — The gathering is informal, and based on chatting and sharing information. There isn’t a fixed agenda. (But if you want to set up an organizing meeting for a particular project with a fixed agenda, A-Cafe is a great place to meet people to invite.) Feel free to drop in at any time and leave whenever you need to.

Bring yourself. Bring a friend. And bring anything — ideas you’ve had, projects you’re working on, literature, zines, flyers, art, whatever — that you’d like to share with some like-minded people.


The Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe meets every Thursday Saturday, from 6:00—8:00pm. You are welcome to come or go at any time you wish.

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