Post-Apocalyptic Anarchy (Cafe) in Las Vegas

We made it! Now what?

Now that we’ve officially survived the Mayan Apocalypse , it’s time to get together and celebrate the continued existence of the Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe.

Of course, there are plenty of serious issues to discuss this week among these are:

  • The official announcement earlier this week that the grand jury set up to make sure Jesus Arevalo won’t ever be charged with the murder of Stanley Gibson has done just that. Why this was no surprise to those of us that have been following the case over the past year and what we plan to do in response
  • …The related issue of Coroner’s Inquest reforms that have already been approved several times and ruled constitutional (in response to police lawsuits) by the NV Supreme Court, but which are in danger of being overturned in favor of a completely meaningless dog and pony show that Sheriff Gillespie, LVPPA head Chris Collins, DA Steve Wolfson, and Commissioners Steve Sisolak and Larry Brown cooked up prior to the last Commission meeting. A vote between the two proposals is scheduled for the end of January.
  • The Las Vegas Industrial Workers of the World and labor issues in general.
  • The continuation of previous discussions concerning potential ideas for co-ops and other community based collaborations amongst members…
  • …Related issues surrounding gentrification and corporate use of political ties to force local workers and small business owners out in order to replace them with other corporate raiders and their slave labor products. Of particular emphasis is Zappos’ efforts to sanitize and whitewash downtown.
  • The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” and how newly r/elected politicians are expertly using it to justify going back on pretty much every promise they made just over one ago. Why it’s completely unsurprising and has in fact been predicted by most of the regular A-Cafe attendees. Also, why most of the general population will completely accept it, but how we should reach those that finally manage to pull that curtain back.
  • And of course, whatever YOU want to discuss.

As usual, we generally have members of various local groups including Las Vegas Food Not Bombs, Nevada Cop Block (, the Sunset Activist Collective, The Las Vegas Industrial Workers of the World, LVWORCS (co-op resources and support group), OccupyLV, and others in attendance. So, if you have an interest in getting involved in local activism, the A-Cafe is good place to connect with people already involved within the community.

The Las Vegas Anarchist Cafe meets Saturdays, from 6:00—8:00pm, at Sunrise Coffee Shop, which is located on Sunset Rd. between Pecos and Eastern. The A-Cafe is not a place, it’s an event–a social experiment in urban anarchy, organized by the Southern Nevada Alliance of the Libertarian Left and a group of unaffiliated local anarchists. The A-Cafe is a forum for anarchists in the Las Vegas area to get to know each other, to hang out, to shoot the breeze, to talk some shop, to talk about the projects that we are working on, and to organize new projects. Anyone who’s an anarchist, anti-statist, or just anarchy-curious is invited to join us.

Drop in any time — the gathering is informal, and based on chatting and sharing information. There isn’t a fixed agenda. (But if you want to set up an organizing meeting for a particular project with a fixed agenda, A-Cafe is a great place to meet people to invite.) Feel free to drop in at any time and leave whenever you need to.

Bring yourself. Bring a friend. And bring anything — ideas you’ve had, projects you’re working on, literature, zines, flyers, art, whatever — that you’d like to share with some like-minded people.

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