Come for the Worker Solidarity, Stay for the Anarchy (Cafe)

This week the A-Cafe will be part of a “double-header.” As usual, members of the Anarchist Cafe will be getting together from 6:00-800 pm at the Sunrise Coffee Shop on Sunset to discuss, plot, and plan Anarchy-related things and other associated local issues/groups.

Plus, just prior to the A-Cafe, the Las Vegas Industrial Workers of the World will be holding our first official monthly meeting on Saturday, February 2nd at 4pm. We will be discussing and finalizing our official bylaws (view text file here), and will also be electing a treasurer, delegates, and other necessary positions for our branch to be certified as an official GMB. In addition, we will decide how often to formally meet, on what days, how long meeting should last and other related issues.

This meeting is an open meeting and can be attended by the general public. Prospective members and those wishing to find out more about the IWW are welcome to attend, but will not be able to participate directly in any decisions or votes that might take place.

What is the IWW?:

The IWW is a member-run union for all workers, a union dedicated to organizing on the job, in our industries and in our communities. IWW members are organizing to win better conditions today and build a world with economic democracy tomorrow. We want our workplaces run for the benefit of workers and communities rather than for a handful of bosses and executives.

We are the Industrial Workers of the World because we organize industrially.

This means we organize all workers producing the same goods or providing the same services into one union, rather than dividing workers by skill or trade, so we can pool our strength to win our demands together. Since the IWW was founded in 1905, we have made significant contributions to the labor struggles around the world and have a proud tradition of organizing across gender, ethnic and racial lines long before such organizing was popular.

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Idle No More World Day of Action – Rally Against NVEnergy/Reid Gardner Coal Plant – Monday, Jan. 28

As part of the Idle No More movement‘s worldwide call for action Las Vegas activists will be joining members of the Moapa tribe of Paiutes to demand the closure of the outdated and environmentally disastrous Reid Gardner power plant operated by NV Energy.

The coal that fuels Reid Gardner is not only unnecessary with current technology, but more importantly, has been polluting the air over the skies of the Moapa tribe’s homes at their reservation, which is located alongside it.

Major health and breathing problems, as well as premature deaths (including dramatic increases in childhood mortality rates) among Moapa tribe members has been traced back to emissions from the plant. In addition, clouds of polluted air can be visually observed on the reservation.

We will be meeting at the offices of NVEnergy (on Sahara) at 4:00pm.

The Las Vegas A-Cafe will be “on location” this week (1/19/12)


In the recent past Nevada Cop Block and assorted allies in the Las Vegas area have used chalking of strategically chosen public areas and government locations to bring attention to local issues. It’s proven to be a quick, easy, and effective way of making grievances known and ensuring visibility both by those being protested against and the public within the area.

After several recent despicable actions by local officials, NVCopBlock is once again planning to take it to the streets to show our disapproval. We’ll be meeting up at the Clark County Government Center, where County Commission meetings are held (for reasons explained below) and then moving from there to the LVMPD headquarters buildings, which are within walking distance of each other.

Signs are welcome, chalk will be used extensively at both locations, and creativity is always appreciated.

Among other things, District Attorney Steve Wolfson has continued his pattern of disdain for the safety of the residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding area by refusing to hold Jesus Arevalo accountable for the cold-blooded murder of Stanley Gibson.

Sheriff Gillespie of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has partnered with Wolfson and Chris Collins, of the Police Protective Association (police union), to ensure that such accountability will never be an option by pushing through a proposal that reversed all of the Coroner’s Inquest Reforms that had already been passed with the intention of creating a more fair and transparent process, which would actually lead to accountability for questionable shootings by police.

Finally, the Clark County Board of Commissioners lead by Steve Sisolak, Larry Brown, Susan Brager, and Mary Beth Scow voted to approve that proposal in spite of the fact that the new proposal is worse than the former Coroner’s inquest process that had functioned so poorly as to prompt an outcry for those reforms. This vote was taken during a commission meeting in which the inclusion of this proposal on the agenda was only announced a couple days earlier to ensure that public turnout would be limited.

And for good measure, Metro’s own Sgt. William Wilson illegally entered someone’s back yard and unnecessarily killed their pet dog last week.