Meet Up!

Informal meetup Every Saturday from 6:00–8:00pm at the Rainbow’s End Cafe (Located at 1100 E. Sahara, just west of Maryland Pkwy.)

Drop in any time; leave early if you must — The gathering is informal, and based on chatting and sharing information. There isn’t a fixed agenda. (But if you want to set up an organizing meeting for a particular project with a fixed agenda, the A-Cafe is a great place to meet people to invite.) Feel free to drop in at any time and leave whenever you need to.

Bring yourself. Bring a friend. And bring anything — ideas you’ve had, projects you’re working on, literature, zines, flyers, art, questions you have about Anarchism, whatever else — that you’d like to share with some like-minded people. The A-Cafe is a social event, a discussion group, an organizing space, and whatever else you want it to be.

Location – We currently meet at the Rainbow’s End Cafe, which is located at 1100 E. Sahara, just west ofMaryland Pkwy. If it is available we use the large back room (to the right as you enter the cafe).


If you’re interested but have questions, contact our local working group

4 thoughts on “Meet Up!

  1. Hello A-Cafe,
    From my understanding, you are A group who also works alongside, FNB’s!? Looking for next event/event’s, meetings on current global concern’s, etc.
    Would like to find out more information on recommitting myself to this community, by possibly volunteering part time where ‘Need Be!’

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